A property reinstatement valuation is to asses the cost of premises in the event of total destruction, usually a requirement of your buildings insurance.

Edgeworth Street can undertake the measurement and preparation of a building reinstatement valuation specifically for insurance purposes.

Our experience of preparing building reinstatement valuations is vast and includes both commercial and industrial property reinstatement.

Property Reinstatement Valuations are produced using published building cost information and our own in-house information from current or recent projects. Valuations can be undertaken on a one-off basis or reviewed annually where required.

An accurate property reinstatement valuation could save you money on your insurance premiums by accurately determining the value of your property before you obtain a quotation.

Many property owners guess at the cost of reinstatement, but in the event of an insurance claim being made, the first thing the underwriter will ask for is a reinstatement valuation.

If your property is undervalued, you might not receive the full value of your insurance claim. Although many buildings insurance policies are index-linked, it still makes sense to obtain regular reinstatement valuations to make sure that you have sufficient cover.

In the event that your building is destroyed or severely damaged in the event of fire or other catastrophe, Edgeworth Street can assist with specifying & administering repairs and agreeing suitable settlements with the insurance loss adjusters.

All valuations are carried in full accordance with RICS guidelines.

Call us today to arrange a property reinstatement valuation. It could save you a lot of trouble and money.

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