Dilapidations Surveys

UK Commercial Property Dilapidation Survey
For Landlords & Tenants

A dilapidation survey can save you or cost you several thousand Pounds – depending on the building surveyor carrying out the survey.

Whether you are a UK based commercial landlord or a commercial tenant, you can count on our expertise regarding matters of dilapidation accrued at the termination of a lease.

Although most schedules of dilapidations look similar, it is the knowledge and skill of the surveyor that will determine the outcome of the dilapidation claim.

If your dilapidation surveyor is relatively inexperienced, or is good on the technical issues, but not so good with communication and negotiation skills, you could find yourself losing money at the end of a lease term – whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

We aim to put that money back in your pocket, where it belongs.

Dilapidation Surveys For Tenants

Your commercial building lease will usually contain a clause that ensures that you vacate the property in a similar state to when you first occupied it.

Most tenants are only too aware of their responsibilities concerning the maintenance of the property and do their best to ensure that property is kept in good order throughout their tenancy.

However, wherever there is a contract, there is scope for disagreement and that is where Edgeworth Street can help, by acting on your behalf in any dilapidation claim.

As chartered building surveyors we can make an objective assessment of the property and advise on the validity (or otherwise) of the landlord’s claim to ensure that only those matters that are your responsibility are included.

We have acted for many tenants on large dilapidation claims and to date, have usually been successful in reducing the claim significantly.

This is because as well as having many years experience, we are also expert negotiators and work extremely hard to ensure that our clients pay only what is fair and reasonable in any dilapidation claim.

A dilapidation survey is as much a legal issue as it is a technical one, so the savings we can achieve for a tenant on a dilapidation claim is not limited only to the cost of repairs and reinstatement, it can also save you from the process of having to use expensive and often unnecessary legal means to solving a dilapidation claim.

Unfortunately, many landlords and tenants get involved in protracted, costly legal disputes when in fact, all that might have been necessary was a common sense approach and some straight talking.

When conducting dilapidation surveys, we pride ourselves on our ability to reach amicable settlements, whilst looking after the best interests of our clients.

Acting on behalf of Tenants:

Our service includes checking and analysing schedules served; inspecting and evaluating the validity of claims, considering the extent of clients’ liability with leases, including Diminution of the

Landlords Reversionary Interest; reviewing quantities and costings; negotiating with Landlord’s representatives regarding settlement of works required, advising clients and arranging and supervising works if applicable.

This service can save you considerable amounts of money, so if you are nearing the end of your lease, please call us as soon as possible on 0121 711 7110.

Dilapidation Surveys For Landlords

Many of our clients are commercial property landlords and our client list includes many PLC companies and pension funds. It’s not surprising, because our record in achieving larger dilapidation settlements is very impressive.

As already mentioned, the key to a good dilapidation survey comes down to the personality and tenaciousness of the surveyor. This is where maturity and a good all-round understanding of business comes into its own.

You see, we are business people too, so we understand the need to wring every last penny into our clients’ bottom line.

When conducting a dilapidation survey, we will:

    • carry out detailed inspections
    • prepare schedules
    • quantify and cost likely repairs
    • arrange the service of schedules via the client’s legal representatives
    • negotiate effectively for you with tenants’ representatives in respect of settlement or the monitoring of repairs


Our approach is both friendly and effective – we aim to negotiate early settlement of claims by being fair and understanding of each sides needs.

Always approachable and open to suggestion, we will act in your best interests to ensure that you do not suffer financial loss at the end of a lease.

Recognised experts in matters of dilapidation, Edgeworth Street will add value to your bottom line – whether you are the tenant or the landlord.

For an instant appraisal of your situation and immediate quotation, please call Robert Street or David Carter on 0121 711 7110

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