Structural Surveys

Structural surveys are necessary if you are considering a property purchase, or entering into a long lease with repairing and insuring liabilities, a structural survey can help identify potential problem areas and will no doubt help you to negotiate a more favourable deal prior to signing any contract.

There are several types of structural survey available to you ranging from a fairly simple property appraiasal to an extremely in-depth structural report. Your surveyor will discuss your requirements with you and advise according to your needs.

For example, if you are purchasing a building worth several million Pounds, it’s likely that the purpose of the structural survey will be concerned with the overall financial risk, rather than to identify minor issues like missing ceiling tiles.

Often, the funder of the property purchase will insist that the purchaser obtains a structural survey. The funder will want reassurance that there are no major problems that could affect their return should they have to sell the property quickly, for example in the case of property repossession.

All building surveys are costed on the basis of their complexity and of course, the type of building that is being surveyed. The same is true of structural surveys.

A structural survey of a 100,000 square foot industrial unit is likely to cost considerably less than say a 100,000 square foot office block that’s been split into many different units.

In order to obtain a structural survey quotation from Edgeworth Street, we don’t always need to see the property beforehand and will often quote a price over the telephone. All you have to do is provide us with the following information:

  • Address of property
  • Approximate size of the building
  • Number of rooms in the building
  • Approximate age of the building
  • Type of construction
  • If you can provide us with a copy of a plan of the property, this will be very helpful, but is not essential. When conducting the structural survey, the surveyor will need access to all areas of the property, including roof and roof voids. In some cases where roof access is difficult, it might be necessary to hire specialist access equipment.

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