Roof Surveys

Commercial Property Roof Surveys

Independent roof surveys are recommended whenever problems are experienced with a roof on a commercial property.

The roof survey will identify the problems and in most cases, a number of recommendations will be presented for your consideration. This is not normally the case with roofing contractors who often have a vested interest in promoting a particular solution – whether it’s the most appropriate and cost-effective or not.

In most cases, our roof surveys are conduced by two surveyors who gain safe access to the roof using a cherry picker. Fragile roofs such as asbestos cement will not be trafficked, as this requires considerable health and safety equipment.

Using Drones For Roof Surveys

We do not generally use drones for conducting roof surveys on commercial property, because in most cases, the quality of the photographs is not sufficient to make an accurate diagnosis of the problems and it is important to be able to physically inspect the structure to identify underlying issues.

Commercial roofing is a complex area that requires specialist attention if you are to ensure that your project is brought in on time and to budget.

If you have problems with a commercial; or industrial roof, you need an independent roof survey. Don’t rely on roofing contractors to be independent!

Edgeworth Street Ltd has managed large numbers of commercial roofing projects throughout the UK and has saved clients many thousands of Pounds along the way.

The key to these savings has been the unbiased and independent advice that our clients have received at every stage of their roofing projects.

In some cases, where companies believed that they required a complete new roof, we were able to suggest far more cost effective options, for example, coating, over-cladding or local repair of affected areas, often against the more costly options available and suggested by contractors with a vested interest.

As full members of the RICS, you are guaranteed to receive impartial, unbiased advice from us, from the moment you instruct us to well after the commercial roofing project has been delivered.

For example, we can;

  • Inspect the roof– This allows us to assess the condition of the roof and of course, we prepare a detailed specification of the works required
  • Initiate and manage the tendering process– Based on the work that is actually required and agreed with you, we can put your project to tender and obtain competitive quotations.
  • Appoint The Contractor– By having an independent, professional 3rd party manage this stage, you can exert far more authority on the job than would otherwise be possible.
  • Act as CDM Coordinator– Health and safety on commercial roofing projects is a vital consideration. As Planning Supervisors we already know our way round the various regulations.
  • Supervise The Works & Monitor Progress– The contractor will be working to your agenda, not his own. At all stages, progress is monitored closely to ensure compliance with the specification laid down at the beginning of the contract.
  • Ensure Satisfactory Completion– The job has be completed to your satisfaction and our involvement ensures that your best interests are served at all times. Our surveyors inspect the job regularly and again at completion to ensure that it is done correctly.
  • Collate Necessary Warranties– Guarantees can be notoriously slow in appearing at the end of commercial roofing projects. This is because they are often issued by the various manufacturers. We end the headache of collating guarantees by ensuring that everything is in place once the project is complete.
  • Monitor Payments To Contractors– On large value commercial projects, it is common for stage payments to be made to contractors. There is also the problem of budget over-runs due to unforeseen circumstances. We ensure that project over-spends are minimised and that stage contingency & final payments  are made only when necessary.
  • After Service– If anything should go wrong with your roof within the guarantee period, we  will be happy to organise follow up sevice calls and any necessary remedial action on your behalf. There is no extra charge for this.

An independent roof survey will save you money as will professional project management. Although we are based in the Midlands, we can manage projects anywhere within UK.

For more information on how we can save you time and money with your commercial roofing work, please feel free to contact us on 0121 711 7110.

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