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Expert Witness Building Surveyor

As specialist commercial building surveyors, Edgeworth Street is highly experienced with all aspects of dilapidation claims and has acted as expert witness in a number of dilapidation cases.

There are many complex issues surrounding dilapidation claims and Edgeworth Street can help landlords or tenants, who find themselves engaged in escalated legal proceedings following a collapse in negotiations at the end of a commercial property lease.

The expert witness service is available direct to clients or their legal advisors, who require a highly experienced dilapidations expert to provide detailed and accurate supporting documentation, qualified opinion and of course, an objective view as to whether a claim is worth progressing or not.

Please bear in mind that legal cases are always expensive and in some cases, the cost of legal action can exceed the value of the original claim, making it uneconomical to proceed.

We will always advise if we think this is the case. Whilst we are happy to accept an instruction, we also believe in providing the correct, objective advice.

Sometimes mediation is a better solution and we will be pleased to advise multiple parties in this area if requested.

If you are seeking expert witness building surveyor to assist with a dilapidations claim where legal involvement appears to be inevitable, please call David Carter or Robert Street for an initial discussion.

For more information about dilapidation surveys and how we can help landlords or tenants, please see our page dedicated to Dilapidation Surveys.

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